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A Network full of Possibilities

SES becomes a Schüco Premium Partner   SES again sets itself high quality standards. The company from Schnaittenbach is now a premium...mehr


Bild für den Bereich Auszeichnungen bei der Firma SES Group

We are proud of having been honored with the following awards and certifications.


Logo von der Auszeichnung Bayerns Best 50 an die Firma SES Group
Bayerns Best 50

By means of the award BAYERNS BEST 50, the Bavarian State Ministry of Economy yearly honors medium-sized companies having a particularly strong economic growth. Since 2002 the prizes have been awarded to entrepreneurs who permanently track down new opportunities of growth and employment and consequently profit from these chances, as the responsibility for their company and their staff lies with them.



Logo von der Auszeichnung Europes Job 500 an die Firma SES Group
Europes Job 500

Europe's 500 is a list on which the European companies growing the strongest are put. Important criteria to be ranked among the 500 are: independence from other companies, undertaking company management and at least 50 full time jobs. To be put on the list, the number of jobs created over a period of five years are also included in the assessment - and thus the relative growth of the number of employees.



Logo von der Auszeichnung Jobstar an die Firma SES Group

The “Jobstar" is awarded by the marketing association of Nuremberg metropolitain region, Marketingverein Metropolregion Nürnberg, together with the broadcasting station RTL Franken Live TV. By means of this prize the special commitment of medium-sized companies, which make outstanding efforts to create jobs and apprentice positions, are honored.



Logo von der Auszeichnung Tüv Süd an die Firma SES Group
Tüv Süd

As an independent partner, the technical control board TÜV SÜD Management Service GmbH takes care of reliability, safety, quality and economic efficiency between the poles of man and technology. In doing so, our competence comprises the full range of technology, of the sets of rules and of modern company management.



Logo von der Auszeichnung VdS Schadenverhütung an die Firma SES Group
VdS Prevention of Damage

Certifications by VdS do enjoy an excellent reputation among producers, service providers and end-users. They create confidence and give the certainty that components, devices, systems or services comply with the highest test standards. For behind the certifications by VdS, there is the whole bundle of expertise of an independent institution.